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Why Do We Need To Charge So Much?

This version of our popular program is designed for owner or department heads to use in a group discussion environment.  This course is perfect for company meetings or weekly service tech meetings.  Each topic takes about 10 minutes to review.  This version also includes an instructor’s guide to assist you in conducting the training. The guide has questions and comments that the leader can utilize to direct the discussion and engage the audience.

This training is designed to help your employees understand why the company must charge, what it charges. Using a sample company, this program explains all the costs of doing business. Some expenses you may already be familiar with, as well as some major costs you might not be. Once the real costs of doing business are identified, you will clearly understand why you need to charge so much. 

During this course we will:
  • Explore the initial problem with Labor Pricing
  • Identify the cost of running a contracting company
  • Explore Equipment Replacement Costs
  • Explain all aspects of Billable & Non-Bill Labor 
  • Evaluate overhead expenses and how they affect Labor Pricing
  • Discuss profit and why it’s so critical to the company 

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