6 Things All Contractors Need to Understand

Author: Tom Grandy

Short Description of the Presentation:

Some things cannot be learned by the road of hard knocks.  This presentation will deal with six things every contractor needs to know but will seldom be found in a book or presented in a seminar.  Tom Grandy, founder of Grandy & Associates and Bill Kinnard, president of Grandy & Associates will discuss each in detail based on 35+ years of business training.


  • Labor Pricing Needs to be Calculated Based on Cash Flow Dollars, NOT Accounting Dollars


  • Failure to Build Debt into the Company’s Hourly Rate Is A Formular for Disaster.


  • Growth Does Not Necessarily Equal Increased Profit


  • Departmentalization Is Critical (each department needs its own unique hourly rate)


  • All Residential Service Work Needs to be Priced Based on Flat Rate Pricing


  • Fear Factor of Raising a Company’s Hourly Rate Is On the Part of the Company…Not the Customer!

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