Eight Key Elements of an Employee Handbook

Author: Mike Wallenfang

Short Description of the Presentation:

An employee handbook is a critical document for companies of any size.  The objective is to create uniformity within the work environment, through a written document. This presentation will cover the eight basic elements of an employee handbook.


The Risks of Having, Or Not Having, A Handbook

Signing Off On The Handbook, And Why

What Can, And Cannot, Be Put In A Handbook

How Often To Update

Key Elements Of Developing An Employee Handbook

  • Introduction
  • Communicating expectations
  • What to expect from upper management
  • Communicating “key” company policies
  • Showcase company benefits
  • Ensuring compliance with State and Federal Mandates
  • Process for handling employee issues
  • Where to go to get helpful information (employee/employer)

Length of Manual

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