15 Things All Successful Companies Have In Common

This unique workshop is a fantastic way to see where you are at as a company based on 15 commonalities of successful companies...

You’ll learn 15 things all successful companies have in common.

In this program we will explore 15 different traits that companies who excel tend to exhibit.  You’ll learn ideas that you can implement into your company immediately. Point values will be assigned to help you determine where your company is now and how you compare to other companies across the country.  By the end of the day, you’ll be on the phone with your staff telling them about your great ideas to improve performance and profits.

Why Attend?

Model the best to become the best.

When you know what other businesses are doing right, you can duplicate their processes and strategies to achieve your own success.

If you're getting beat, then turn up the heat.

It is rare to find a business owner that’s not competitive. This program shows you what the best are already doing to keep on winning.

Success leaves clues... and we found them

This program compiles what we’ve learned ourselves and what we’ve learned from successful companies that have attended our workshops and programs.


“It was great training. Really needed this info to try and turn my business around. We have plenty of work, just not making any money. I was lost in doing the books in the office, didn’t know to give the guys to help bid, how to figure overhead, etc. Just trying to keep us from closing the door. I relieved now!” – Eric and Lori Blackwell – Blackwell Heating & Air, Lodi, CA