In-Person Training

Together we'll accomplish the following:

  • Live trainer-participant interaction is what makes our training so successful.  Your staff will learn new tactics and strategies that will change the course of your business. During our live trainings, you can immediately share your thoughts and questions and then get feedback from your instructors and other participants.  

Grandy & Associates encourages questions and feedback from all participants.  If you select a full-day or half-day workshop, seminar or conference, the presentation you participate in is backed by over 25 years of experience where we learned from our own experience in the field and lessons we learned from past participants. We can also customize our workshop to fit your specific needs.


For the immediate future any in-person class will follow the following precautions as a result of the COVID-19 virus. 

  • Face masks will be used by instructors and students
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all classes
  • Disinfection wipes will be available in all classes
Our two-day intensive workshop takes place at locations across the country. You’ll learn more about your company than you thought possible.
You’ll go home with:
  • Monthly cash flow budgets for each department
  • Maintenance agreement pricing
  • Effective bidding protocols that win deals while making a profit.
We’re so confident that this will change the course of your business that we guarantee a return on your investment!


The One on One Company Overview is our Planning For Profit Workshop tailored for you personally. We bring our expertise to your location. You’ll gain a clear understanding of what’s going on in your company. During your overview, we will create a monthly cash flow model for each department. Then, we’ll identify and change areas in your business. Those changes will positively impact your profitability, hourly rate, and cash flow.

With this training you’ll learn your “real cost” of doing business, from a cash flow perspective. Our premier software “Labor Pricing For Profit” addresses the issue of labor pricing. It’s often the main factor that determines whether you’ll make a profit or lose money.
The software will teach you the “real cost” of doing business, from a cash flow perspective.

This workshop will show you how to MAXIMIZE profitability! Using the “Labor Pricing for a Profit” software, you’ll create a financial model with current and projected financial data. By the end of the day, you’ll have over 20 reports that will assist in profit maximization. 

When you have your labor pricing in place, the next hurtle is cash flow. You’ll learn the process of developing a monthly department specific cash flow budget.  When you finish that, you’ll be able to identify which departments are making money and which aren’t. When you know these numbers, you’ll position yourself to make more profits. LEARN MORE

The Service Department “should be” the most profitable part of a company’s offerings…but it seldom is! Knowing what to track and how to track it, while holding technicians accountable for their productivity, can make service departments profits skyrocket.

This program covers the three basic foundation stones of service which are demand service, maintenance, and ProfitSmart activities (add-on sales and creating Qualified Sales Leads).

10 Key Performance Indicators for running a profitable service department will be discussed along with the benefits of controlling each KPI.

In order to keep the service techs engaged we will even cover a workable bonus system plus the implementation of “Attaboys” into the company culture. If you are a service manager, or owner acting as the service manager, you will not want to miss the program.

Hiring new and developing current team members is tough.  The key to creating superior performers is knowledge of what is unique about each person’s talents, skills and behaviors. Team Assessments will help you gain insight into a person’s behavior and gives you the tools you need to make sure you get the right person in the right seat on the bus. LEARN MORE

The HVAC Sales Mastery program is an interactive role play course. Here, you and your team can gain clarity and confidence when it comes to your company’s sales plan and process.
This course will help you put a comprehensive plan in place. That plan will be the catalyst for you and your team to close more deals and get more customers.

This course is a deep dive into communicating with customers.  You’ll start with a behavioral communication assessment. This will help you learn your communication style. We also cover 5 distinct buying principles the customer has during the sales process. Finally, we cover 4 communication styles customers have.

This program is useful for every employee, from the receptionist to your techs and installers. Your employees will learn to communicate well with customers and each other. They’ll also learn to resolve issues that arise with customers. LEARN MORE

Life in wholesale distribution today is fast and furious. The way your employees handle your customers will mean the difference between their increased loyalty or their shopping around.

In distribution you have an opportunity to provide great customer service every time a contractor calls or stops by and needs equipment, parts, or supplies. This one day, fun, interactive and role-playing workshop focuses on dealing with those in the supply house environment.


This program touches on parts of nearly every full-day program (plus more).  The morning session covers fifteen things all successful companies do. Each of the fifteen areas has point values assigned to it for the students to rate their company.
The afternoon session goes into detail on labor pricing and cash flow using a sample company.  You’ll walk away with all sorts of great ideas to increase company profits. 


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In this program, you will learn the critical importance of succession planning.  You’ll learn how to select the right leader, delegate, empower leaders, and learn the factors that measure the health of your business.  At the end of this program, you will have a vision and clear definition of your legacy.


If you’d like to cover any topic we teach at your company meeting, trade show, convention or conference, we can accommodate you.  We’ll prepare and present a keynote on the topic of your choice. Our keynote will impact and inspire your audience.  Our presentation will contribute to the success of your event.

“It feels like you are trying to drink water from a fire hose, initially. It takes a bit to start to look at your business differently. The emotions of being overwhelmed and wondering how you’ve stayed in business, become enthusiasm for the potential the business has.”

Travis Kuehl - Travis Electric, Inc., Hartford, SD