Now Is The Time Attitude Can Make The Difference

By Tom Grandy

We all know how having the proper attitude can make or break a relationship.  The current virus brings that front and center.  Like most of you, I am a small business owner.  When I contacted my bank (large national bank I have worked with for over 40 years) about submitting my paperwork for the SBA Loan program they responded like this.  “There will be no face-to-face help.  You can go to our bank’s website and submit your information.  If you get kicked off, simply wait an hour or so and try again!”.

Needless to say, I left frustrated not knowing which way to turn.  I was then told by a friend to contact a “local” bank.  My wife and I do have one account at a local bank which we seldom use.  Frustrated, I decided to give them a call.  As expected, I reached a recording telling me to leave my name and number.  I did with little expectation. 

Less that 20 minutes later I received a phone call from a loan officer at the local bank, whom I had never met.  He was amazingly helpful and immediately sent me details of information to collect.  He told me he would make contact with me Friday which is the day applications could be made for solely-owned proprietorships.  He then commented that we had banked with them for over 20 years (he actually checked to see who I was) and therefore we would take priority over businesses that did not have accounts with them.  He went on to explain how they have backup teams.  Should one of them get sick, my information would be seamlessly transferred.  Wow, I was blow away!

Literally, his attitude changed my entire perspective of his bank.  Yes, attitude DOES make a difference…especially when backed up with positive action.

The virus has created a unique environment which we can complain about or take advantage of.  Now is the time to win over new customers with our kindness and personal concern.

Techs and employees are often concerned and/or confused about why the company is charging what its charging.   The bottom line is simple.  If they don’t believe the companies pricing is proper, they will tend to under charge the customer.   The Why Do We Need to Charge So Much? presentation does a great job of explaining the basic costs of doing business and therefore why the company charges what it charges.  It comes in two formats.  The first option is the multi-user streaming version that comes with the presentation, a workbook and directory of how to present the materials.   This version is normally $114.95 but this month it is featured at only $99.95.  The second option is an online, one-module, single user, version which normally $39.95 but this month is only $29.95, order yours today.  No matter the format you choose, this program will help your employees understand why you charge what you charge. 

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