Set a Goal and Measure Your Progress

By Tom Grandy 

If you want to get better at what you do, then set specific goals and measure your progress against that goal on a weekly or monthly basis.  It’s a simple process but few of us practice it.

Most technicians wish to advance and earn more money. If that is your goal, don’t depend on your supervisor to set goals for you, set your own.  Believe me, if your sales and/or productivity substantially increases you will be noticed (and rewarded) by management.

Tracking your daily, weekly, or monthly sales can be fun.  Set goals to reduce the number of callbacks you have.  See what percentage of time you collect money at the conclusion of a service call or installation job.  If your daily sales are increasing, the number of callbacks you have are falling and you are physically bringing money back to the office…I promise you, management will notice.

I fully realize some managers may not seem to care about those things.  If that happens to be your situation…do it anyway, for these three reasons:

  1. It provides a wonderful feeling of personal accomplishment.
  2. When it comes time for your annual review you will be armed with information to back up your request for a raise.
  3. Should you find the need to change employers, setting goals and tracking your progress on a regular basis will demonstrate your initiative.

Your future growth and value to the company really does depend on YOU!  Be a self-starter.

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