Techs Are Competitive By Nature

by Tom Grandy, Founder

Have you ever watched little boys play baseball, basketball or football?  If so, you noticed one thing every time.  They are competitive by nature.  For the most part, they were not told to play hard or give their team their best.  It’s nature, they are competitive by nature.

Guess what?  When little boys grow up nothing changes, they are STILL competitive by nature.  They want to win and they want to do better than the other guys on their team, and for sure the guys on the other team.  That same competitiveness carries over into the workplace.  Service techs are competitive by nature.

Now, being competitive implies there is a goal to reach.  When participating in school sports the goal was easy to define.  The goal was to win the game and/or the championship.  The goal was in plain sight.  However, when it comes to the workplace the goal can sometimes be less clear. 

Without a clear goal in sight, what is the incentive to do your best?  Sure, we should all do our best at whatever we do, but let’s face it.  If there isn’t a specific goal to work towards, few of us excel every day.  However, if a specific goal is set and performance is measured against that goal, what happens to productivity?  It increases.  If there is a reward involved when it comes to meeting or exceeding the goal, the competitiveness kicks in.  Service techs need a goal to shot for and they need a defined reward for meeting or exceeding that goal.

Consider measuring the techs gross dollars earned per billable hour as defined in the lead article.  Meeting and/or exceeding those specific goals will be a win-win for the tech as well as the company.

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