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This sales program is a highly interactive, four day workshop that will help dealers develop and practice a successful sales process.


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Everyone attending this workshop will gain confiodence in using this sales process because they will be given the tools and templates to help tell their story.  This will help to increase sales as soon as they return to the office.  HVAC Sales Mastery™ is just that....identifying and using opportunities to master the process of HVAC sales.  You will see your mix climb and your profits grow!


Each day of this workshop includes interactive role play and feedback sessions to ensure participants leave, ready to engage with homeowners.  Our instructors provide individual attention to help attendees hone and sharpen their communication skills and learn the language that inspires homeowners to buy now!


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Who should attend this workshop?

If you are you a Comfort Consultant looking to rise to the next level on your career path, an Installer transitioning into Service and/or Maintenance, or perhaps you are a brand new Comfort Consultant who simply wants to learn the correct design & installation procedures, then you MUST attend this workshop!



Gilbert, AZ            January 21-25
Orlando, FL   January 28-31
Savannah, GA   February 4-7
Indianapolis, IN   February 25-28
Macon, GA   March 4-7
Gulf Coast Region   March 18-21
Norcross, GA   March 25-28
Birmingham, AL   April 1-4



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32 FAD Credit Hours


20 Nate Credit Hours

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Over the course of 4 days we will cover a multitude of topics!


You will learn:

  • Sales Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Industry Opportunities
  • HVAC Sales Process Overview
  • Comfort Survey
  • DISC Profile
  • Sales Communication
  • Industry Opportunities
  • Communicating with Clients
  • And much, much more..... 


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