Basic HVAC Electricity



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This course is broken down into 4 sections. Each one is a pre-requisite for the next.


Unlike some of the other self paced courses, you will have a quiz after each section. There are a total of 4 sections to this course and after each section you will be quizzed on the lesson material. You need to receive a passing grade of 80% or better to move onto the next section.

Field Assignments

Periodically, we will be giving you Field Assignments. These are assignments where we challenge you to apply what you have learned online, out into the field. You will not be required to report back.

Tutorials and Resources

We realize this is a lot of information to process and you may not remember it all!  We’ve created a page that will contain all the useful charts and tutorials contained within these lessons, so you can access them out in the field!  Bookmark this link so that you have it on hand.

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Lesson 6 – Meters

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Lesson 5 – Electrical Circuits

13 minutes

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