Wearing Booties Does Make A Difference

By Tom Grandy, Founder

The lead article talked about things NOT to do on a service call.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Today we had our dryer vent cleaned out.  The tech did a great job but what I really liked was the way he utilized the use of his booties.  When he arrived at the front door, and came in the house, he was not wearing booties.  That was no big deal as I had watched him carefully get out of his truck and walk on the street, and then up our sidewalk, to the front door. There was no need for booties (shoe covers if you are not familiar with the term booties) at that point.  After introductions, he viewed the dryer area then walked outdoors to the side of the house to check the volume of air coming from the dryer vent.  It was relatively early in the day and the grass was really wet.  All I could think of was “Here we go again.  He will walk into the house with wet feet dropping grass all over the floors.”  To my great surprise, when he entered the house, he not only had shoe covers on but he took the time to “tell me” he had them on and why.  He briefly told me his feet were wet and he didn’t want to track grass, etc. into the house.

His comment instantly told me he respected our property, which I appreciated.  When he had finished cleaning the vent, he did two more things that made a huge impression.  First, he went back outside to check the air flow and noticed some lint (actually quite a bit) had been forced out of the dryer vent onto the mulch.  He took the time to pick up the big pieces and then he told me when he was totally finished, he would get the rest before he left.  He did!  Lastly, he made a significant effort to clean up after himself.  He even mentioned that he tries to leave an area he works in at least as clean as it was when he arrived.  Again, he did just that.

Because of the way he handled himself, we inquired about other services they offered.  You know what?  If we need any of those services in the future, we will call his company.

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